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In April of 2017 Dani was six years old. He had never walked nor had he ever seen a doctor. He was born with a severe club foot on the right. On the left, mother nature begrudgingly gave him only a thin rounded stump, ending a few inches below the knee. But he adapted and, crawling sideways like a crab, he scurried across any surface with unbelievable speed and agility. Notice in the picture that his mother had reinforced his pant legs with canvas to provide some level of protection to his legs as he crawled on the ground.

Operation Rainbow surgeons were able to correct most of the distortion to Dani’s club foot. But prosthetic services are outside of the scope of Operation Rainbow’s mission. Sandy and Steve Herrick, who were translators on this trip, decided to take up the challenge to find a way to secure ongoing prosthetic care for Dani.

They worked with the local surgeon to find a prosthesis for Dani. With the coordinating help from the Huehuetenango Rotary Club, they arranged to have a prosthesis made for Dani. In August of that year Dani walked for the first time.

Since then, the FAKS Foundation was born to offer prosthetic limbs to other poor Guatemalan kids.  Currently, we are supporting ten with legs, arms and necessary braces. 

A world of play, social acceptance, and ability to support themselves is now open to these kids. Links below.

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